New books coming out in March

Fiction On Amazon: New Books Coming Out in March of 2017

New books coming out in MarchMarch is going to be a big month for fiction lovers, especially for those used to buying on Amazon. New books coming out in March of 2017 are numerous.

Below, you’ll find a list of five must-read fiction books coming out in March of 2017. Three of them are from debut authors, while two are from tried-and-true best-selling authors. Each of the authors is female (not on purpose—it just kind of worked out that way! ha!).

With each book, you’ll find a brief description and the release date. And, as always, you can find each of the books on Amazon by clicking the yellow button under the image.

Happy reading!

A Simple Favor by Darcy Bell

 A Simple Favor: A Novel


A Simple Favor by Darcy Bell is being promoted to fans of Gone Girl and Girl on the Train. The book, tagged as a domestic thriller, tells the story of a missing mother while providing social commentary on the life of today’s “picture-perfect suburban family.”

The story begins with a simple favor between friends: Emily asks Stephanie to pick her five-year-old son up from school. When Emily never shows up to pick up her son, however, things start to get complicated. Stephanie quickly learns that nothing in her friendship with Emily was as it appeared, and Stephanie is left with more questions than answers.

A Simple Favor is scheduled to be released on March 21.

The Cutaway by Christina Kovac

 The Cutaway: A Thriller


Like A Simple Favor, The Cutaway by Christina Kovac is also being marketed toward fans of Paula Hawkins and Gillian Flynn. The Cutaway tells the suspenseful story of a missing high-powered attorney and the television news producer who is determined to find her. Virginia Knightly has an undeniable hunch that the attorney is missing because she somehow got involved in sinister dealings, and Knightly is certain that the attorney needs help. Against the advice of her co-workers, Knightly puts her career and her safety on the line in an effort to find the missing woman.

The Cutaway is scheduled to be released on March 21.

If Not For You by Debbie Macomber

 If Not for You: A Novel


If Not For You by Debbie Macomber brings together two unlikely friends for a story of longing, love and ultimately, forgiveness.

In order to find herself, Beth has moved from her hometown of Chicago to live near her aunt in Portland, Oregon. There, schoolteacher Beth meets rough-around-the-edges Sam Carney. Beth doesn’t initially think too highly of Sam, but when Sam witnesses a car accident and rushes to Beth’s rescue, the pair find that they have more in common than they originally thought.

If Not For You is scheduled to be released on March 21.

Almost Missed You by Jessica Strawser

 Almost Missed You: A Novel


Almost Missed You by Jessica Strawser tells the shocking fictional story of a mother who has been abandoned on the beach. Instead of going home from her vacation with fond family memories, Violet leaves the trip wondering why her husband could have possibly taken her son and run.

But Violet’s husband isn’t exactly missing. Instead, a different narrator reveals that Finn has shown up on a long-time friend’s doorstep with threats that could make life difficult for everyone involved.

Almost Missed You is scheduled to be released March 28.

Conviction by Julia Dahl

 Conviction: A Novel (Rebekah Roberts Novels)


Conviction by Julia Dahl takes the reader back to 1992, when a riot erupts and ultimately leaves a family dead in their home. Twenty-two years later, journalist Rebekah Roberts receives a letter from the convicted murderer reading simply “I didn’t do it.” Soon, Rebekah finds herself awash in misinformation and faded memories, and she begins to believe that the convicted murderer could be telling the truth.

For Rebekah, that means life is a little bit more dangerous, as suddenly she finds herself holding the clues to a two-decade-old murder.

Conviction is scheduled to be released on March 28.

Will you head on over to Amazon to purchase any books on this list? Which ones? I’m absolutely looking forward to a lot of the new books coming out in March of 2017!

Other books mentioned in this list for comparison:

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